irc chat

Thanks to some friendly folks from the FrogPants community and
The Morning Stream chat (jdhore, Malynor, & Kevin) and of course, I have a chat room!

The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) room is accesible through the webchat client embeded on the live page. Anyone can join in!

If you prefer you can use your own IRC client. I happen to use Colloquy for Mac. Here is the connection info and some basics for the chat.

  • Host (chat server):
  • Channel (room): #joelduggan
  • If you log in through webchat, simply give yourself a name and click “connect”.
  • If you log in without a nickname, you will be given a random numbered nickname starting with “visitor”. Ex: visitor457
  • To change your nickname, type “/nick newnick” in the dialog box. (Replace ‘newnick‘ with your desired name.)
  • To register your nickname (Always have the same name.) type, “/msg NickServ REGISTER password emailaddress” (Replace ‘password’ and ‘emailaddress’ with the appropriate info.)
  • The next time you log in, click the “Login to Services” box and fill in your login and password.
  • If you’re new to IRC (as I am) here are some basics:

See you on the live stream!


Wondering, “Why animafax?” Animafax Entertainment happens to be the name of my company., Starcrossed, The Citadel Cafe, The Dating Digital Podcast and my illustration and design work all fall under that umbrella.