The Citadel Cafe 153: Suit Up

Alastair McFly stops by to have a little chat about E3 and the newly released Batman Arkham Knight. ( No spoilers! ) Joel's Netflix habits have taken a dramatic turn and Alastair got a special screening opportunity to see Pixar's new film, Inside Out.

The Citadel Cafe 139: Oh My Zod

Alastair McFly - The geeky mind behind the new blog Oh My Zod - is our guest this week. We kick off the show with some toy talk where LEGO and vinyl reign supreme. Alastair shares his thoughts on The Flash and the upcoming Supergirl. Joel picked up How To Train Your...

The Citadel Cafe 136: No Galaxy For Old Men

Ryan Murphy is here to talk about Bikini Bottom on the big screen and a new video game rental service for Canadians. Joel was confused by creepy, creepy Javier Bardem and Hammond Chamberlain pops in for a bit to kick off the show with a mighty morphin' fan film.