I am a professional illustrator and podcaster working out of my home studio in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Currently I co-host and produce two weekly podcasts. The Spawn Chunks, a podcast all about Minecraft, the most popular video game on the planet, and The Citadel Cafe, a weekly roundtable talk show about sci-fi and fantasy entertainment. In between podcasts I work as a freelance illustrator, and stream art and video game content part time on Twitch.

I jumpstarted my career in Canadian television animation in the early 2000s. I worked with some extremely talented people at Copernicus Animation Studios and Cartoon Conrad Productions where I had the opportunity to supervise and manage several animation productions from start to finish before moving on to do more illustration and design work. 

Over the years I have worked with clients like CollegeHumor.com, The Chronicle Herald, Come Along Critters, Retail Monster, and Noxcrew providing a range of work from editorial comics and articles to sequential art and character design. I have also worked with a number of small and local business, providing design solutions to suite their needs.

In 2016 I launched Forge Publishing, an independent publishing imprint focused on creator owned art books. In 2017, Fordge published our first book Daily Paintings, The Art of Piper Thibodeau, which has sold 1,000 copies world wide.