If you’re looking to hear me yak in your ear about comics, sci-fi and fantasy entertainment or even online dating and other geeky stuff, look no further. The links below will take you to the various podcasts that I host, produce, as well as a few guest spots.


Regular Shows

 The Citadel Cafe is a weekly podcast with about sci-fi and fantasy movies, television and comics. If it’s geeky and we think it’s cool – of if we think it sucks rocks – we’ll tell you about it.

Hosts: Joel DugganPaton FrancisChad Merlin

Publishing: The Citadel Cafe is a weekly podcast recorded live every Wednesday night at 7:30 PM EST right here on my JustinTV live page.

Summary: A comic podcast by comic creators. We sit down and interview a guest from the comic world each episode. We talk comics, technique, marketing, and tangents. Oh, the tangents. Comics Coast to Coast is part of the FrogPants Network.

Host & Procucer: Brian Dunaway

Hosts: Denver Brubaker, Matt DuCharme, Joel DugganJustin Thompson

Publishing: Currently we record weekly on Monday nights. Sometimes Thursdsays. Brian posts the show shortly there after.

Segments & Guest Spots

The Gamer’s Inn, Episode 49 “Mass Effect Head Bob”
Hosts & Producers:
 Jocelyn Moffett, Ryan Murphy
Published: Weekly

FourCast, Episode 91 “Designer Prothetics”

Summary: Join Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt to get short term, long term, and crazy predictions from some of the smartest people on the planet.

Hosts: Scott JohnsonTom Merritt

Producer: Twit.TV

Publishing: Live recordings every Monday at 4:00pm PT/7:00pm ET

Summary: Biggest Fan Podcast, the podcast where two guys are the biggest fan of a pop culture topic for a week!

Hosts: Brockett VolaKyle Fergusson

Producer: Pants Drop Big Laugh Productions

Publishing: Weekly

Guest Spot: Week 52: Online Dating



Summary: StarCast is a weekly podcast that covers anything and everything StarCraft related.

Host & Producer: Garrett Weinzierl

Hosts: Kyle Fergusson, Andrew Mork

Publishing: Live recordings weekly on Thursday nights on the StarCast Justin.TV Channel. StarCast is usually published on Saturday..

Guest Spot: Wings of Liberty Campaign Round Table

Other Contribution: Joel’s Unit Reviews. 13 segments. May 2010 – October 2010.

Podcast Vault

Summary: The Dating Digital Podcast is a casual conversation about dating in both the digital and analog world. We talk about communicating and connecting and how the digital world is effecting the way we date.

Hosts: Joel Duggan and Laura Lundquist

Previous Hosts: Lara Killian

Publishing: The Dating Digital Podcast is no longer updating. However there are 30 episodes still available for download.

Summary: For The Win Radio is a series of geeky chats about movies, television, video games and comics. It’s what we’re into. It’s what we do.

Host & Producer: Garrett Weinzierl

Hosts: Joel DugganKyle Fergusson

Publishing: 8 episodes along with an early “episode 0” pilot. For The Win Radio was put on indefinite hiatus in August of 2011.