A fun (and at times frustrating) part of starting Starcrossed has been trying to figure out a process to produce the strip. At first I was hoping to do draw the strip completely digitally. These first two comics are a combination of sketches scanned from my sketchbook with layout and inking done on my MacBookPro. The first comic was done in Photoshop. Today’s strip was inked in Flash. I prefer Photoshop, but both take far too long to be practical for me right now. The next few strips to go up are hand drawn on Strathmore Bristol and inked with Micron pens. So far I’ve found that I miss certain things on both sides of the coin. It’s great to get away from the computer and just draw, but “undo” is my friend. Ideally I will be working with a combination of both digital and traditional media. For the sake of speed and having a tangible piece of original art Starcrossed is mostly a traditional process.

For now.