Happy New Year!

2010. I know it’s only been a few days, but it still hasn’t sunk in. One of the memes flowing around on Twitter has been, “What were you doing ten years ago?” It was actually a pretty cool trend to read. My contribution went like this. Ten years ago, “I was a starving student in the third year of my art degree, just returned from my first, life changing trip to New York City.” It’s really hard to believe that was ten years ago.

Sorry about the lackluster quality in the digital version of this weeks comic. The old desktop PC that I have my scanner hooked up to hasn’t been working and as luck would have it, the Canon MP360 doesn’t work with my Mac. So, I had to use my little point and shoot digital camera to get the comic posted. I’ll get a scan when I sort out the situation with the PC, hopefully in the next few days, and repost a cleaner image.

Thanks for all the feedback that I’ve been getting on Starcrossed. I’m taking it all in and piling it in with the mountain of my own changing ideas on the characters, concepts, and eventually the story surrounding the strip. If you’re reading, and you haven’t written yet, please do!