First up, yet again I am without a working scanner. I need to remedy the situation ASAP. I’m really happy with the original art for this weeks strip and I can’t wait to post something that isn’t mangled by my digital camera!

I wrote this strip quite a while ago, but the topic came up again recently while talking with a few friends. How long should you wait to contact someone you’re interested in after getting their phone number or email address? I side with Charlie on this one. I don’t play the waiting game. If I want to call someone, I just call. If someone calls me or emails me, I return the message when I have the time. It sucks when you don’t play the game, but others feel they have to because then you’re stuck waiting. I’ve heard the other side of the argument too where the whole idea is that you don’t want to seem too eager by calling too soon. I think expressing your interest is one thing and being too eager is a few steps beyond that. Personally, if I got a call from someone I was interested in the day after meeting them, I think that would be great!

As with so many things there is a lot of stuff to consider, but if you boil it down to, “How long should I wait before I call?” I say go with how you feel. Sprinkle a little common sense on the feeling and call when you want to.

What are your thoughts? I’ve opened up comments on the blog post. Let me know what you think!