This past weekend I was on a mission. I’ve been tuning in to watch other artists draw when they stream their work to Ustream or JustinTV and I really enjoy it. So, on Friday I set out to pick up a new webcam and give it a go. A little online research lead me to possibly the cheapest webcam out there, the 1.3 Megapixel Webcam from Dynex. I didn’t want to have to invest a lot and at $40 the price was right. Actually, thanks to the screwy system that Future Shop and Best Buy employ on beating better prices (even when they’re competing against themselves) I only paid $30 for the camera. Next was figuring out how to get the webcam to hover over my drawing board so the stream wouldn’t be on an angle. I present the solution: old camera tripod, meter stick, electrical tape.

It looks pretty funny, but it works. The camera is tiny, which helps. If you’re looking for a cheap webcam for something like this, I highly recommend the Dynex. The picture is decent too. I was surprised at the clarity when I was broadcasting on Saturday afternoon. (Thanks for being the test guinea pig Anya!) Drawing live online was fun. A few friends stopped by to watch, and a few other joined the chat room. I’m hoping to broadcast from the Starcrossed Studio Cam on a regular basis.

I will be sure to toss a link up in the social stream to Twitter and Facebook next time I broadcast but I do have a show site set up on Ustream here.

Speaking of Twitter and Facebook, there is a new share button just under the comic that lets you share Starcrossed with your friends through all the popular social media outlets and email too! It’s super simple. Go ahead and give it a whirl!