I’m not a big hockey fan. This isn’t a big secret. I like watching the odd game, the World Junior Championship over the holidays, but I don’t follow the NHL. I guess you could say I follow hockey when it’s a national event. Obviously I would have to be living under a rock at the bottom of the Hudson Bay to miss the Olympic gold metal match between Canada and the US last night. I have never been so into a hockey game. I nearly spilled my beer, twice. I’m pretty sure I leapt off the couch when Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in overtime.

I’ve been keeping up on the games and like many other Canadians I have been experiencing a swell of national pride. Not just in gold metal glory, but in the somber moments as well. The media has been brimming with stories of the Canadian hospitality, energy and patriotism surrounding the games. It’s something I feel is always present, but this winter Vancouver has brought it into the spotlight, culminating in one final gold medal moment on home ice when millions of Canadians from coast to coast cheered out in unison…


As a Canadian, artist and entrepreneur I find it all incredibly inspiring.

– Joel