Several readers got a kick out of the iPad Envy comic from April 19th. So, I’ve added some color (and some adjustments) and made an iPad wallpaper out of the strip. It was a bit of a learning curve but the image should display properly in both portrait and landscape orientations. Landscape may look a bit better depending on how many icons you have on your home screen.

The iPad wallpaper is “free for a favour.” That is, if you’re one of the lucky sods out there who has an iPad and you decide you would like to decorate it with my artwork, all I ask is that you tell two friends or coworkers (or as many people as you like) about Starcrossed. You can also send the link in an email, share the comic on your Facebook wall or tweet the URL to your followers. Be sure to give me a mention, @joelduggan, if you do. The share/save button right under the comic makes all of this pretty easy!

Starcrossed iPad Wallpaper

PNGĀ 1024 x 1024 (250kb)

JPEG 1024 x 1024 (242kb)