Hi folks! I’ve mentioned recently on the blog that Starcrossed is getting between 250 and 300 hits a week. This is exciting for me on two fronts. First, it’s on par with where I was hoping to be at this stage of the comic. Second, Google Analytics has given me some insight into where a good chunk of these hits are coming from and I find it flattering that I’m darn sure I don’t know anyone in Idaho. What I mean to say is, there appears to be lots of folks out there that I don’t know reading Starcrossed.

Obviously there are a large concentration of readers in Halifax because that’s the easiest place for me to get the word out. Though, I don’t know that many people in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver or points in between. Shout out to the other coast! It looks like I have a reader in almost every US state. California for the win! I think I have some podcasters and fellow cartoonists to thank for spreading the word around there. Shout outs to New York, Arizona, Indiana and Texas! Seriously though, who do I know in Idaho? Or Missouri?

Some friends abroad are spreading the word as well. I’ve heard from readers in the UK and Ireland and Starcrossed is reaching as far as Romania, Australia and Columbia.

This is all very cool to me.

So, to everyone out there reading Starcrossed I just wanted to say hi, thank you for reading the strip, and encourage you to say hi back! Drop me an email or send a quick hello on Twitter. Post a comment under a comic that gets a chuckle, or post and share on the Starcrossed Facebook Page. I’d love to hear from you, and don’t forget to let me know where you’re from!

Cheers from Halifax!

~ Joel