Howdy folks!

I’m a bit behind on the comic this week. So, I thought I would show a little behind the scenes. The new comic is “posted” but I’m still working on the inks. Above are my rough pencils with some legible dialogue.

Over the last few weeks I’ve received quite a few questions on my creative process. The most common is, “Why do you draw with red pencils?” It’s one part old habit and one part function. The pencil I’m using is a Col-Erase “carmine red” animation pencil. I went to school for animation and it’s a comfortable tool for me. I also prefer the weight of the lead to regular graphite pencils. Also, I can manipulate the red pencil easier in Photoshop. I ink directly over the pencils without erasing. I scan the whole thing into Photoshop and then drop the red and magenta channels and my roughs completely disappear leaving me with just the inks and hopefully no more than an hour of correcting my mistakes!

I’ll post the new comic as soon as I have time to finish it. Thanks for your patience!

Update: Inks are now posted!