I underestimated how long it would take me to ink this weeks Starcrossed. For a portion of the day on Monday the original scan was posted. So, for those of you interested in some behind the scenes stuff I thought I would post the “work in progress” for this comic. Enjoy!

The original sketch when I was out with my buddy Paton to see The Illustionist Saturday night. We drove across the MacDonald Bridge here in Halifax, which is where the Bras Across The Bridge display took place.

First thumbnail of the original gag. Although this was funny, I thought it was too much like a previous comic and decided to rework the joke.

This is where I thought Sam would mention something like stripping or burlesque. Once that popped into my head I knew that I had to draw Sam impersonating a burlesque dancer.

Just a scan of the original pencils.

A scan of the inks. This is how the final, original artwork looked before I brought it into Photoshop for some tweaks.

The final comic after dropping the pencils out in Photoshop, making some tweaks and changes I wasn’t happy with, and adding some tone. I will go back to the original and touch it up, and add some things that I feel are missing. The great thing about having the option to work digitally, is that if you’re not sure if something will work, like the big black tree, you can try it out in Photoshop and if it works go back to your original without the fear of ruining all your hard work!