Recently, my friends over at StarCast shared a link to my Starcrossed Facebook Page. Unfortunately, there were a number of issues where some people were unable to view the page. In some cases the link was simply broken. In others the link pointed to what appeared to be an incorrect Starcrossed book page. It was all a little tricky as the book page was collecting different posts from around Facebook with the word “starcrossed” in them, including mine!

If you’re one of the folks who tried, but couldn’t find the Starcrossed on Facebook, or if you’re just now discovering that Starcrossed even has a Facebook page, have no fear! The human error vexing the situation (The country restriction setting on the page was mistakenly set to Canada. I have no¬†recollection¬†of doing this, but hey, not important.) has been revised.

The Starcrossed Facebook Page is officially here!

183 fans. Be the first of your friends!

Why the big fuss about Facebook? Simple. Everyone and their dog is on Facebook and I would like them all to read Starcrossed. (Yes, dogs too.) New comics and other new posts here on the blog are always linked on the page wall, where you can of course like, share and comment with your friends. Also, when I live stream the comic from my studio I always post the link on Twitter and Facebook.

So, if you haven’t already, stop by the Facebook page and hit the like button. If you have joined the Starcrossed community on Facebook, why not recommend the page and the comic to your friends?