Over the next few weeks I will be wrapping up my preparations to start selling prints and original art here on StarcrosedOnline.com. I have already done test prints of a few strips and have settled on size, paper, and print quality. The next steps will be determining final costs on packaging and shipping and hooking everything up to an online store. I will also be announcing details of a contest related to the prints and how you could win some original Starcrossed art with your order.

For now, both prints and original art will ship anywhere in North America for set prices. There is a slight chance this may change, but for now I’m looking at $10 for prints and $100 for original art. If you’re reading Starcrossed from abroad, rest assured you can still get your hands on artwork. Just with a different price tag pending the shipping costs to your neck of the woods. International orders will be set up via “old fashioned” email.

Starcrossed prints will be high quality black and white reproductions on matt “brilliant white” card stock. Prints for each strip will be available the same day the strip appears on the blog. The strip art contains a digital signature, but each print will also be signed by hand.

Prints will be 2.8″ x 9.5″ on standard 8.5″ x 11″ with copyright info and signature just below the strip.

A look at original art being created. Forgive the short ad at the beginning.

Original Starcrossed comic strips are currently drawn on Strathmore 300 Series Bristol with carmine red Prismacolor Col-Erase animation pencil and black archival ink. The rough pencils are not removed from the original artwork. Inks are laid down directly over the pencils, which I remove digitally in Photoshop. Due to the fact that some changes occur when I touch up the strips in Photoshop original artwork will be accompanied by a print.

Original art is 4.75″ x 16″ on 6.75″ x 17″ bristol.

I plan to do my best to get orders shipped as soon as possible, but a lot of that will depend on the volume of orders. So, as with any online purchases if you’re planning on gifting some artwork it’s probably best to think ahead with your order.