It’s been a while since I mentioned the podcast on the blog. If you get a kick out of the comic, I’m sure you’ll enjoy The Dating Digital Podcast. My co-host Lara (@larakillian) and I get together every couple weeks, usually on a Thursday or Friday night and chat about an online dating topic that’s on our minds. In our latest episode we chatted about a force in most of our lives, Facebook. I think by now the majority of users – some more than others –  have experienced the outcome of combining dating and Facebook. There’s plenty of room for error, even when steps are taken to try to avoid it.

Lara and I try to pick a new topic for every show. We also chat about internet news and social media updates that we think relate to dating. And, of course, we address listener email, questions and share stories that people write in to share with us.

If DDP sounds like something you’d enjoy, pop on over to our show blog, or just give’er a whirl and subscribe in iTunes. If you have something to contribute to the conversation, we would love to hear from you! We’re running a contest right now for our contributing listeners. Drop us an email in response to anything we talk about on DDP and you’ll be entered to win a free signed print of any Starcrossed comic in the archive!