Earlier this week, Autodesk released an update to SketchBook Pro 2011 revealing a robust set of new features modeled after Copic Markers. (Press release on the Autodesk News Blog.) The full version of SketchBook Pro 2011 is priced at $59.00 (USD) and $65.00 (CAD) – Don’t get me started! – However, Autodesk has also released a special, limited edition of the Express version of their drawing software for free.

I use SketchBook Express on my Mac for really loose ideas. My digital work on Starcrossed is all post-ink-touch up so I don’t really have a need for the full version. I had a full Windows version of SketchBook Pro but when I switched to a Mac two years ago the license didn’t transfer and by that time the price of SketchBook Pro had gone up to $80.00 (CAD).

I have only just downloaded SketchBook Copic Ecition this morning, but I will be sure to post some thoughts and maybe some images after I have some time to mess around with it.

SketchBook Copic Edition is available in the Apple App Store

Windows and Leopard (Mac) users can also download SketchBook Copic Edition from the Copic website.ag