I’ve mentioned Greg and Dave from CreatureBox.com in inpsirational posts before. This time is a little different because rather than consuming their wonderful work online via Twitter or their website, I have a firm grip on a their latest sketch book Thoughts Scribbles + Madness Vol. 3. I picked it up as a little holiday gift for myself during a sale Greg and Dave had going on in their store earlier this month. ($10.00. After taxes and shipping to Canada it was $16 and change.)

I have to confess, at first I was a little disappointed. The book is smaller than I was expecting. It was my fault though, they clearly state the dimensions in their store. (5.5 x 8.5) When you’re thinking artwork and collectable books, generally your brain expects things to be a bit larger. However, this “sketch book” is heavily produced, designed and laid out with care,¬†creativity¬†and humor. A good chunk of the work was familiar to me where I follow CreatureBox online, but there were a lot of first-time-views as well. Thoughts Scribbles + Madness Vol 3 also comes with a 40 minute DVD of six time laps videos of Greg and Dave doing their thing, which is probably my favorite part of the whole package and easily makes the dollar value even at regular price well worth it.

If you’re a comic reader, fan boy, or just like really cool art, check out Greg and Daves work. If you’re a creator like me, your wheels are probably already turning on how on earth you can put together something as cool as this.

I need to draw more…