You guessed it. Today is my birthday! I’m doing free sketches in any copies of Starcrossed: Volume One ordered today¬†April 29th.


For $10.00 (+shipping) your copy of the book comes with a personalized sketch of your favorite Starcrossed character inside on a special page. Starcrossed: Volume One has 90 pages of content with 140 comics plus some behind the scenes goodies not available anywhere else. Grab your copy here!

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If you’re interested in helping me make more Starcrossed comics, please check out my Patreon page where you can sign up to become a Patron of Starcrossed. (Imagine an echo when you read that.) There are several rewards ranging from my humble thanks to sneak peaks at new Starcrosssed¬†comics and free digital prints. And – if you please – as a birthday wish for me, tell as many people you can about Patreon!