Back in February, Brian and I had a chance to talk with Daniel Lieske about his epic online adventure, The Wormworld Saga. Daniel is a fantastic artist and guest. We ran out of time on our first interview with him. So we immediately scheduled him back for another round to coincide with the release of chapter six The Smoldering Doom and the launch of his Kickstarter campaign to bring The Wormworld Saga to print for English readers. The stars and timezones aligned this past Saturday. Fast forward three days later and the book is funded, and my head is still spinning from the wonderful art discussion, the workflow knowledge bombs, and Daniel’s love for his craft. It’s an interview you just can’t miss.

Definitely go get a copy of The Wormworld Saga and help the book become an even larger success and help Daniel hit some cool stretch goals like a guest artist section in the book!

How to find Daniel and his gorgeous work: