I will be attending the Spring Geequinox event at the Halifax Forum on April 25th and 26th. Books, prints, original art and commissions will be available at my vendor table both days. If you want to make sure your name is on the commission list, check out this special preorder.

UPDATE: I will be at table 26. Here is a map. Also attached at the bottom of this post.

I will also be speaking on two panels on webcomics and podcasting.

Getting Started in Webcomics
Christopher Hemsworth & Joel Duggan
Saturday at 6:45PM in the Panel Room

Podcasting Panel
Joel Duggan & Andrew Dorfman
Sunday at 12:00PM in the Panel Room

There will be lots of other other local artists and vendors at the event, as well as some special guests. Check out the Spring Geequinox website for the full rundown.

Come out for some nerdy spring time fun this weekend in Halifax!