Last week I was interviewed by Sabina Wex from the Dalhousie Gazette reflecting on the one year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France. Sabina spoke with myself and Chronicle Herald cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon about our thoughts on Charlie Hebdo and free speech in cartooning.


“You’re almost speechless for the first week [after hearing about Charlie Hebdo]. I really didn’t know how to process the whole idea. And you do some digging on the internet, you try to figure out: what crazy, offensive line did they cross? What left-wing cartoon brought down the hammer? Then when you find out that it was nothing of any real consequences, it’s just that this particular extremist view of Islam forbids the depiction of the Prophet Muhammed, and you’re like, that’s it?” –  Joel Duggan

I was flattered to get the call for the interview. And, I have to confess, Bruce MacKinnon has been a cartooning hero of mine since I was aware that you could draw pictures for a living. So, seeing Starcrossed strips in the same article as some of his award winning political cartoons from The Chronicle Herald was a thrill. As it turns out, a lot of our thoughts on free speech in cartooning overlap.

If you’re not familiar with Bruce’s work, you can find more of it on his Facebook page.

Read the full Gazette article here.