April has been a very busy month! Client and commission work has dominated my studio time but I am finally ready to announce a project that I have been working towards for over a year.


I am starting a publishing company! It should be no surprise that I like looking at art as much as I like making it. I have always been an avid collector of art books from films. Over the last few years that collection has grown to include books from the many artists that I admire. There is something fantastic about holding a bundle of your favorite art in your lap. Forge Publishing will focus on creating beautiful, independent, creator owned art books.


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that the first book in production will be Daily Paintings by Piper Thibodeau. If you’re not familiar with Piper’s work, I suggest you pop by her Tumblr page to see just a sample of over 1200 daily paintings that she has been creating since 2012! Piper and I have been planning her book for quite some time and we are getting really close to launching the Kickstarter.

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