One Dopey Kid

This was one dopey looking kid in the cafe where I was sketching.

Pouty Centaur

I took a few minutes before bed the other night to do a quick sketch for the Sketch_Dailies group on Twitter. More detail on my deviantART post.

Sketch Week 13: Ellie On Planet X

Last night on Comics Coast to Coast myself, Brian Dunaway & Matthew Ducharme interviewed James Anderson, creator of Ellie on Planet X. We had a great chat about James’¬†beautifully illustrated comic. I couldn’t resist doing some fan art. Plus, I...

Sketch Week 12: Green Lantern

A bit late with the sketch this week. It definitely needs some color, but here are the inks. I actually forgot to scan the pencils before I inked it, but I did take a quick snap with my iPhone to share on Twitter before I left the studio yesterday.