We have a new name!

Over the weekend I registered the official domain for StarcrossedOnline.com. I’m still hosting the site under my company umbrella, but this makes telling everyone where to read Starcrossed so much easier. I have also set up the official Facebook Fan Page for Starcrossed. To become a fan and tell everyone you know about Starcrossed, click right here.

Thanks to the small group of folks who were privy to the soft launch of the comic over the past few weeks. I was able to get some good feedback on the strip which was a huge motivator for me. I also want to thank Phil from ComicPress (@Frumph on Twitter) for the kind tips and tricks on setting up the site.

I’m going to be slowly adding more to the site, and of course, a new comic every Monday. Follow me on Twitter and you won’t miss a beat. I’m easy to find. Follow @joelduggan !


For those that have been reading for a few weeks, I have updated the image scans for the comics I posted on the January 4th and January 11th. Thanks to my friend Erin who loaned me a scanner!