I’ve started a new podcast!

My friend Lara and I like to chat about geeky things like tech news and social media but a lot of the time we end up talking about dating. Specifically, online dating. This of course is great idea fodder for Starcrossed but there is so much to say! Lara and I both listen to a lot of podcasts and I’ve been wanting to try producing one of my own for quite some time. So with a little convincing – Seriously, a cup of coffee and five minutes – I had a co-host and a new show idea!

The Dating Digital Podcast (DDP) is a casual conversation about dating today in the digital and analog world, communicating and connecting. We recorded our first episode last week and just yesterday we were approved in the iTunes Store. We’re going to try to keep the show as regular as we can with a new episode every two weeks or so. DDP is hoping for a hearty contribution from listeners via email and voicemail. So, if you’ve got something to say about dating, online or off, how the internet effects our relationships today, or if you just want to ask us a question, we want to hear from you! Contact info is on the show blog. You can also find The Dating Digital Podcast on Twitter and Facebook.

The easiest way to consume the podcast is subscribing through the iTunes Store. Once you’ve had a listen, be sure to leave us an iTunes review in the Customer Ratings section. It’s one of the best ways for our show to reach new ears!

Thanks for listening!

~ Joel