Over the past few years I have become more and more interested in podcasts and podcasting. I listen to an absolute crap ton of podcasts. Most shows I listen to are from Scott Johnson’s FrogPants network and Leo Laporte’s TWiT network, but I have a few comic specific podcasts thrown in there too. Where I can draw and listen to talk radio at the same time without my head exploding, podcasting has become a great way to keep a steady flow of inspiration coming at me. The shows I listen to are also incredibly entertaining, due in no small part to the casual yet professional approach by the people that produce them.

Podcasting has become part of my business model. I’ve heard time and time again that the measured success of some of the people I follow online has been through a combination of their art as well as their podcasting. My first podcast, The Dating Digital Podcast just hit the one year mark with our 22nd episode. My co-host Lara and I keep the show relatively short and put out new episodes about twice a month. DDP also has a nice tie in with Starcrossed. More recently I have been co-hosting weekly episodes of Comics Coast to Coast. Sitting down and chatting with other comic creators every week has been very inspirational. Not just talking with our guests, but the pre and post show chats with my co-hosts as well. (More details in a previous post.) In addition, since joining the Comics Coast to Coast team, my website traffic has grown considerably!

This week I am announcing a third podcast to my schedule. For The Win Radio is a laid back look at what myself and co-host Garrett Weinzierl are up to in the world of movies, TV, video games, books and comics. FTW is a treat for me. Garrett is handling the production of the show. I just show up and talk about all the geeky stuff I’ve been indulging in over the past week or so. We have five official episodes up on iTunes right now, plus the pilot which actually came out pretty well!

If you’re an artist you should be listening to podcasts. Not just art and comics podcasts either. Find something you’re interested in, find a show you grove with and dive in! If you’re trying to bring some recognition (and eventually some income) your way online, maybe you should try putting your own podcast together. It’s been a fun creative outlet for me that’s starting to pay off.