The video from my guest spot on last night’s episode of FourCast is up! For more about FourCast, check out Lots of great stuff going on over there! Here is the YouTube video.

I’ve mentioned podcasting in my Wednesday Inspiration posts before, but I wanted to take a minute to say how surreal it was to be on TWiT with Tom and Scott last night. They’re both really down to earth guys. Easy going, but still professional. It’s not hard to tell that they do this for a living.

I feel like a sponge sometimes. I consume a lot of podcasts, most of them either from TWiT or the FrogPants networks. So, Scott and Tom and their respective co-hosts are in my earbuds every day. I find what they do entertaining, informative, and in a lot of ways the inspiration for what I want to do with my own work and self expression online.

The opportunity to be a part of that was an absolute thrill!