Local Halifax blogger Patricia Arab contacted me a few weeks ago about writing a piece about Starcrossed. Through our email conversations I came to find out that she had developed a little crush on Charlie. I thought it was a unique (and flattering) take on the characters that I have been working with for almost two years now.

I am in love with a guy named Charlie Decker.  He is the perfect guy for me.  Sweet, and shy, a bit of a nerd. A MacHead who seems to have a penchant for cute brunettes (although I do suspect there is something going on between him and this blonde coffee barista!) A guy who has a mom much like my own, who not only is a sci-fi fan but a rom-com one too. Charlie Decker is also a comic character.

You can read the full Starcrossed article on Paris a la Mode.

Patricia’s blog is about a single girl’s life Here in Halifax.

Thanks for the great article Patricia!