I will be co-hosting a session at Podcamp Halifax this coming Sunday, January 22nd with my friend Lara Killian where we will be talking about our collective experience in podcasting. I am also going to record the session, and broadcast live here on the blog.

Come by and take part in the conversation!

Podcasting – Put Yourself Out There
2:45 PM – 3:30 PM Sunday, January 22, 2012
2nd Floor Helen Creighton, Alderny Landing, Dartmouth NS

Streaming audio from the Starcrossed LIVEstream

Joel Duggan (The Dating Digital Podcast, The Citadel Cafe)
Lara Killian (The Dating Digital Podcast, CommandN.tv)

The basics of podcasting as well as the opportunities available to you – yes you – by putting yourself out there on the “air ways”.

30 minutes of discussion points

  • Why Podcast?
  • Content: Your Big Idea
  • Getting Started: Organizing your thoughts + hardware & software basics
  • The Flow