‘Tis the season for ‘Best of’ lists. Granted we see a lot of them this time of year, I do find them fun when they’re relevant to my interests as I often discover something or someone new. Well, I got a surprise on Monday when Twitter told me that I was on one of these lists.

I am incredibly flattered that Starcrossed has been included in the Geeks Unleashed World of Webcomics Top Ten Webcomics of 2013. Stephen Fox had some very nice things to say about Starcrossed. Not only that, but he saw fit to include my work in a list tipping the scales with artists that I admire greatly; Dave Kellett, Tom Bancroft, Katie Cook, and K. Lynn Smith just to name a few. Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing nearly everyone on the list on Comics Coast to Coast.

I’ll have to see if my cohorts and I can fix that.

Cheers Stephen!