If you’ve been following Starcrossed for a while, you’ve probably wondering what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. First, let me thank everyone for their patience. As I mentioned here balancing the time I put into Starcrossed with my professional illustration work can be quite challenging at times.
I freelance full time from home, so when the work river runneth over, I have to go with the flow. Now, I can at least fill you in on one of the many projects that was on my plate. Color comics!

Late in 2013, I submitted Starcrossed to the Comic Strip Hero Contest held byThe Chronicle Herald, the main local paper here in Halifax. In early January of this year I was informed I made it to the finals with four other artists. With the grand prize of a new 13″ MacBook Air, a seat in Photoshop CS6 and the opportunity to be published in the weekend funny pages for ten weeks I had to devote my Starcossed time to re-working and submitting full color comic strips to the Herald’s print specifications.

Ultimately, Starcrosed was not chosen but a big congrats and shout out to my friend Ellen Woodbury who won though! You can look for her work in the paper at the end of March.

I had a lot of fun coloring the Starcrossed strips. Even though they’re re-worked strips that have already been published online, I thought it would be fun to share them with you guys. Let me know what you think in the comments. This strip is the first of three that were submitted to The Chronicle Herald for the contest.

So, what’s next for Starcrossed? Without the obligation of producing large scale color strips for the newspaper, I am now able to move up my plans to create some new content for you and implement some changes to the website.

More on that in the next few days as the final pieces come together.

Stay tuned!