I’ve been trying to participate in the Sketch Dailies twitter sketch challenge as often as I can. Most of the time they’re just warm up doodles, but my drawing of Storm from X-men the other day turned into a couple enjoyable hours playing with ink brushes in Photoshop. The original was only a bust, inked with a Zebra brush pen in my sketchbook. I used most of the sketch in the finished the drawing. It was a lot of fun to play with Storm’s design and try to put my spin on it. I’m planning on coloring it and making a print available. Stay tuned!

I based Storm’s costume off of a recent re-design by Kristafer Anka that I found through Helen Chen’s fantastic Sketch Dailies post. Andrea Garcia and Edwardian Taylor and Luis Montes shared great versions of Storm in the Sketch Dailies feed too.